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A Diamond Story

Hi Beautiful.
Welcome to the family. You have just entered a safe space. A place where we embrace all of who we are.

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A True Diamond is not just a brand but a lifestyle. This brand was founded by a young lady who has experienced rejection, neglect, abandonment, physical and mental abuse, self sabotaging, over-dosing, alcoholism and attempting suicide at age 16. How-ever, the greatest pain she felt was her first true love abandoning her; her father.
Throughout life our childhood trauma and pain affects how we think, speak and interact with ourselves and others. We begin to suppress our current feelings by putting on masks to cover up how we truly feel.
Society teaches us how to overcome everything in this world but no one teaches us how to overcome the greatest obstacle ever in life; ourselves.

A True Diamond is built on self-love, forgiveness, grace, patience and inner peace.
When you begin to embrace the diamond that lives on the inside of you, you begin to take back your victory and authority.
No one has the power to control your mind, body or soul unless you give them permission to. Now is the time to step into the greatest version of yourself.
Your healing journey begins the minute you accept all of who you are, including your beautiful imperfections and mistakes, once you decide to no longer believe the lies that people spoke over you, you can begin to embrace the true diamond that you were created to be.

Self Love



A True Diamond was founded by Shantiadajah. Shantia is the CEO/Founder of an all girls mentoring program called Phenomenally Made. This beautiful young woman is a dynamic speaker and Youtuber. She has transformed thousands of lives all over the world. Shantia has supported people with restoring their relationships, building confidence in themselves, starting new businesses, restoring marriages and finding the true joy of living life on their terms.
The moment Shantia decided to free herself by telling her story, she embraced and walked into her identity as the woman God created her to be; A True Diamond.
P.S What is "A True Diamond?" A True Diamond is a woman who embraces the most beautiful, authentic and powerful version of herself. Welcome Home.

Xoxo, Shantiadajah


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